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Brad Lovell

Brad Lovell

Performer / Promotions & Marketing

Brad Lovell has a long history of performing rock'n'roll. Fresh out of high school he hit the road fronting a myriad of big hair bands during the eighties. Moving to Vancouver in 1988 he fell into the fronting job for the local band 'Metropolis', a band that became highly sought after on the club circuit due to their musical prowess and comedic approach. After the 'Metropolis' era, Brad landed at a bizarre entertainment venue that lent itself to Brad's spastic style of comedy and music performance. Years of screaming over a loud band had honed his voice to a perfect "I gargle with razor blades" tone. Then somebody said " You know...you’re kinda scrawny and got a kinda big nose, if you cut your hair you could probably do a pretty good Rod Stewart impersonation." Desperate for a buck Brad cut his hair, shaved his face and pulled out all those old spandex outfits he'd been keeping in the garage and PRESTO...ROD 'O' RAMA!

More recently, and in addition to his performance and marketing duties at The Giggle Dam, Brad is the owner and creative director of his own ‘on air creative’ business where he puts his marketing, music and comedic experience into creating unique radio commercials for various clients across Western Canada. Visit BradLovellMusic.com

Giggle Dam Marketing Enquiries? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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