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Sheila Sharma

Co-Owner, Writer, Director, Performer

For anyone who has seen a Giggle Dam show, you might wonder what kind of warped brain could possibly come up with the outrageous and witty material performed on their DAM stage. Well, voila, here she is, the wacko herself. Sheila spent many years honing her psychosis in a myriad of roles and genres that range from singing blues & jazz in smoky pubs to sacrificing what was left of her sanity to the now defunct Maz & Me's TM. She travelled B.C and Alberta performing in theatrical productions around the two provinces when she realized that the only way for a performer to have a steady gig is to create one for yourself. As an accomplished singer, actor, comedienne and the successful writer of hilarious parody & sketch material, Sheila decided that she would package up her skills and join forces with her true love, the lower mainland's undeniable "King" of comedy, Mark Friebe - and alas, The Giggle Dam was born. Since their DAM opening in 2001, Sheila has written & directed some of the funniest politically incorrect musical comedy shows ever performed on a stage anywhere. Since the birth of her two beautiful daughters, she is anxiously waiting to see if they have inherited any twisted traits that may have been passed on by herself and equally disturbed husband, Mark. Pray for these children, they're doomed.

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